Inspire Philosophy

The human species has evolved exponentially over the past century thanks to some amazing medical and technological advances. The average life expectancy in America is almost 80 years now, over 30 years greater than a century ago. We are definitely living longer but are we living better?

We are now living in a nation where 1/3 of the population is obese and either diabetic or prediabetic. We have more disease and chronic conditions now than ever before. We are dependent on synthetic pharmaceuticals and we are suffering as we age. Our nation is going bankrupt on end of life care, yet conventional medicine continues to support healthcare without evolution.

INSPIRE was created to bring an innovative and exciting approach to functional medicine and your well being. We are dedicated to bring you research based medical practices that will challenge the standards of conventional medicine. Through hormone balance and optimization, weight management, nutritional support and fitness expertise, we will introduce you to a path of maximum health success. We will also offer you the confidence of nonsurgical beauty techniques so that you can look the way you were destined to feel. We are passionate about your health excellence and hope to inspire you towards something greater. Be prepared to be challenged even past your most difficult goals. Age is just a chronological number to us; you can expect to be in the best shape of your life at 20, 30, 40, 50 and beyond. Life is a gift; we want you to thrive so that you can inspire others.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We now invite you to navigate through our site and educate yourself………Your health freedom awaits you.

Meet The Medical Director

Dr. Habib Dalhoumi is the medical director and founder of Inspire Wellness. He received his medical training from Indiana University School of Medicine and is board certified in Family Medicine. He has over 10 years of experience in primary care, urgent care and emergency services. He has advanced training and certification in Anti-aging, Bariatric Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement and Medical Cosmetics.

Dr. Dalhoumi is not your typical MD. You might confuse him with a close friend or a cherished family member. You might even find him excited to discuss your health while dressed in shorts and a tank top. He prides himself on breaking the stereotype of the prototypical doctor to bring you trusted and caring inspiration.

His true passion lies in challenging the limitations that conventional medicine have placed on the human body and promoting overall health excellence. Dr. Dalhoumi marvels at the potential of our species and is dedicated to inspire others towards the pursuit of health freedom.

“After practicing a great deal of my career in acute care I came to realize that I was only making a moment’s difference in a person’s life of disease. Life is a gift and we must empower ourselves to strive for something greater. Our potential is truly limitless. It is with great fulfillment and honor that I might be a part of that evolutionary process”.