Shot Bar

The Shot Bar at INSPIRE is the perfect way to try a beneficial wellness injection. All of the injections have been specially formulated by Dr. Dalhoumi exclusively for INSPIRE and his clientele.

B12 – Intro level energy/immune booster $12

DETOX – The perfect blend of anti-aging, immunity and cleansing compounds. $45

LIPO MAX – The ultimate metabolism boost & fat burner $35

METHYL B12 – The most efficient form of B12 available. *Dr. Dalhoumi’s recommended form of B12 $20

SUNKISSED – 50,000 units of Vitamin D (similar effects to a weekend in Cabo). $35 (Optimal levels of Vitamin D are needed for healthy bones, cancer prevention, immunity, optimal metabolism and overall well-being. *weekly injections are recommended)

VITALITY – Our most potent combination. Promotes maximal fat burning, increased energy and well-being. $45

IV Therapy

starting at $150

IV Therapy is designed to give you the most benefits out of any of our wellness therapies. IV Therapy transfers vital nutrients and compounds directly into your body for a fast and long lasting affect.



ANTI-AGING & BABY FACE Above drips contain combinations of Vitality, B Vitamins, wellness compounds, high dose Glutathione and Vitamin C.

IMMEDIATE HANGOVER RELIEF IV Vitamins, Antioxidants & Electrolytes IV Headache & IV Nausea Medication