Inspire Weight Loss Plan

We understand the need for guidance and inspiration when it comes to weight loss because we understand your body’s physiology and its connection with the brain. Have you tried multiple diets? Lost weight and regained even more? Have you gained weight in a relatively short period of time, or perhaps slowly over a 5-10 year period? Maybe you have lost weight but find it impossible to continue losing. This weight gain or stagnant weight loss is a product of your body’s ability to deal with stress, cravings and the temptation to relieve its deficiencies. Inspire will educate you in the science behind your weight concerns and will offer you the keys to successful weight loss. It is up to you to empower yourself to succeed.

Our Plan is multifaceted and relies on preparing your body for weight loss. Your weight is a product of your metabolic efficiency and it must be optimized for your success. We have based our practices on the scientific research behind your hormone physiology, brain psychology and fuel choices. This is accomplished with proper sleep, stress mitigation, nutrient therapy and hormone balance. Then, a proper diet and exercise plan can truly be effective.

We have devised a diet plan based on small frequent high protein meals, glycemic index consciousness and fat consumption education. We will educate you on the role of micronutrient therapy, meal replacements and hormone balancing.

We offer many natural products and FDA approved prescription medications to curb your appetite and facilitate your maximal weight loss potential including:

Phentermine Phendimetrazine Topiramate Metformin Qsymia Contrave Belviq

At Inspire, you can expect to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. Our goal is to provide you with trusted education and valuable skills for lifelong weight management.

Initial visit includes consultation with medical provider, wellness lifestyle plan, one week of appetite suppression if needed, comprehensive thyroid analysis, In-Body 230 Body Composition Analysis with complete print-out, & one Vitality Injection. $159


“I have been coming to Inspire Wellness for over 4 years and the Doctors, staff are professional, knowledgeable and with their guidance, I have lost 30 lbs in the first 6 months and have kept it off for over 4 years. My energy level is extremely high and although have gone through cancer last 2 years, I’m cancer free and have kept to my Inspire health program. Oh have I told you I’m 73 years old- 176 lbs, 15.2^ body fat Thanks Inspire”

– Jan Anton

““I am a retiring ballerina. I have huge concerns about maintaining a health body and image. When I discovered Inspire Wellness, it was a blessing! Dr. Dalhoumi listened to my concerns and didn’t treat me like a number. He gave me options, possibilities and future goals. He understood that we all have image and health concerns and we are all different. He is dedicated to catering to each patient’s needs. He did not make me feel insecure or vain about my image concerns. He is so very experienced on a body’s hormonal balance. He believes in what he does and that makes an amazing professional and physician to me! I will continue to go to Inspire Wellness for all of my weight management concerns, nutrition advise, fitness advice, hormone and body balance and even cosmetic injections. The expertise at this office does not cease to amaze me! Dr. Dalhoumi is professional and down to earth. I hope the best for this business, it is truly honest and inspiring. The staff at both locations is so friendly, they joke with me and make you feel like family. Is it crazy to love going to the doctor?”

– Sabrina B

“I would give INSPIRE SD more stars if I could . This has turned out to be the best investment I have made in myself in a very long time . As a divorced male ,now married to work ,I had just turned 50 while working in the automotive industry when I made a decision to take back my life and health . I had been suffering the maladies of modern living ,high blood pressure,high cholesterol levels and diabetes type 2. I was over weight , always tired ,did not sleep well , could not concentrate and addicted to energy drinks to get through the day. Not to mention the lack of a very stimulating love life ;I knew that I could not carry on like this . I have been stuck in my employers Kaiser Health care system, that left me dissatisfied with the treatment of my symptoms and not the causes of my conditions, that made me realize I had really run out of options if I wanted to live a balanced fulfilling life. I had discovered the clinic by chance ,and only made an appointment a few months later when Kaiser started to tinker with my medications . (I wish I had made an appointment sooner) After arriving for my initial consultation I was met by a very charming and friendly Ashley and Jennifer ,filled out a comprehensive medical questionnaire in a very modern and comfortable office and was then taken through to a private room for vital signs to be taken. Shortly after that Dr Dalhoumi arrived . What a refreshing surprise . No lab white coat , no awkward interaction , just a very modern companionate Dr that looks like he belongs on a cover of a men’s fitness magazine. After a few minutes of listening to my lament and asking me what I wanted to achieve ,he proposed options and a way to achieving my goals. He made a very intellectual argument as to why and what needed to be done. After I decided to look at my treatment options ,blood was taken and a quick comfortable physical was done ,I began my incredible journey . After 8 months with a motivated lifestyle change in eating and exercise these are my results and they have been nothing short of spectacular. Weight 195lbs NOW 175 lbs replacing fat with muscle . Waist was 38 now it’s 32. My energy levels are back to normal. And I’m turning heads again .. Lol For the first time in many ,many years my cholesterol is normal, my A1c sugar levels are normal,my triglycerides are normal, my testosterone is normal ,my life is normal . I feel focused at work and sleep better and yes I feel and enjoy being ‘romantic ‘ again 🙂 Life is GOOD Thank you Dr Dalhoumi ,you and your very professional friendly team have made a huge difference in my wellbeing . I am pleased.

– Charl D

Body Composition

The human body is composed of fat, muscle, water, bones, skin and our internal organs. Generally speaking this composition is simplified into fat mass (the fat that accumulates around our hips and waistline and the fat that surrounds our vital organs) and lean body mass (everything else). This lean body mass can be further isolated to reach only lean muscle mass.

Most health standard recommendations on body composition suggest a target of 30% for females and 20-25% for males in order to decrease the risks of disease. However, we at Inspire challenge these standards. It is true and accepted that optimal weight loss means fat loss and any significant decrease in body fat will lead to improved health and disease risk. It is also true that we must start somewhere and that our goals must be achievable in order to succeed but we must be aware of how far our current medical experts have strayed from true success. Our body needs fat to survive but only approximately 12- 14% in women and 4- 6% in men is essential to the body. How did this extra 15% ever become a recommended target? Again our evolution has been accompanied by substandard achievement. Let’s not forget that lean muscle mass is just as vital as minimizing our excess fats. It is well researched that muscle mass is directly correlated with poor outcomes and death in the elderly. Essentially, we must maintain a good balanced ratio of lean muscle mass to body fat. Do believe that we will not hold you to any substandard and that we may even challenge your own targets in achieving success.

Inbody 230

Look beyond the bathroom Scale

$40 initial

$30 repeat

The InBody 230 is a state of the art body composition analyzer that gives you a very accurate and detailed printout of your body composition in under 30 seconds. It is 98% accurate compared to DEXA analysis, considered to be the gold standard for body composition analysis. It is an excellent tool for any optimal weight loss or physique optimizing plan.

Before & After

INSPIRE has been fortunate to be a part of many inspirational stories. Please join us in celebrating success. We hope you will learn from these amazing people so that you may empower yourselves to succeed as well.


Carla came to INSPIRE weighing 195lbs with a BMI of 33 and 41% body fat. After 2 months of dedication she lost almost 30 pounds and by 6 months dropped 55 pounds to reach a weight of 140lbs, BMI of 23 and 25% body fat which she maintains today. Can you believe Carla is 47 years old? Are you kidding me. Bravo Carla!! You are truly an inspiration to us all. “The knowledge and tools that INSPIRE shared has inspired me to not only lose weight, but to want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone at INSPIRE truly cares.”


Jessica came to INSPIRE to gain momentum in revisiting her healthy spirit. In only 7 weeks she managed to lose 10% of her body weight and and has continued to lose and stay healthy, regaining her motivation for success. We are proud of you Jessica. Keep up the passion and Inspire others!! “I have always been into healthy habits and exercise but as everyone knows its hard to stay motivated. We all work and are on the go and sometimes don’t have time to eat right or work out. I started going to Inspire Medical Weight loss at the beginning of the year for B-12 shots to boost my energy. Right away I was greeted with great attitudes and a positive atmosphere. They help motivate me to make time for myself in my busy work schedule and are always there to answer questions. I have been taking Lipomax injections with the weekly appitite suppression medication, working out regularly and making sure i stay on a healthy diet. I look forward to going weekly to see the great staff at Inspire. They helped me reach my goal fast and helped me stay motivated. Thank you Inspire!”


Giancarlo has been with Inspire for only a short time yet he has had some remarkable results. His belief and motivation have allowed him to lose 42lbs in less than 3 months. He continues to make amazing results and we are proud to be a part of his transformation. Keep it up Giancarlo!!